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How to Remove Negative Reviews From Yelp, Google and other sites.

More and more business owners see a decline in their sales when bad comments and reviews about their company are posted on the internet. Some companies start getting more telephone calls not from potential customers but from people inquiring about their negative online reputation. “Hello, I was going to visit your office but I read on Google that your customer service is really horrible and now I am not sure if I should do business with you…”


Many entrepreneurs will try to justify the bad review by saying; it was a very difficult clients who left an exaggerated review, it was an old employed who was fired and now seeking revenge but trying to tarnish the company’s online reputation, it was a competitor who’s trying to get more clients… Unfortunately the reason behind the bad review is not all that important to your potential client as over 70% of Internet users trust online reviews from strangers. You might operate an excellent business but a single negative comment online, either real or false can ruin your business.

User-generated content cannot be removed from the Internet in most cases. So even if you want to remove your “business listing” from Yelp and other sites – some unsatisfied client will add your business back online with ease and rant about their bad experience. You can’t hide from it and you need to take control of it.

Business owners and managers from all over the world asks themselves how to remove bad reviews on Yelp, Google and other sites and the answer is pretty simple – you can’t. There are of course a few exceptions; most sites will delete comments that promote harm, threats, stalking, bigotry or discrimination. An important thing to keep in mind: If someone is offering you to remove bad reviews online for a payment – they are trying to scam you.

So how do you actually deal with bad reviews?

  • You should consider replying to reviews. Taking a defensive side is a very bad idea. You must stay polite and apologetic to the reviewer, offer a solution and if possible let them get in touch directly with you by providing a phone number or an e-mail address.

This kind of approach will not only turn your unsatisfied customer into a happy camper, it will also prove all the potential clients that customer service is important to your company and you are willing to fix the mistakes you could have made (we are only human, we all make mistakes sometimes).

In some cases you cannot answer directly to the reviewer, either by choice or by some complications. This is when you must plan another strategy; getting more good reviews. If your business has 2 bad reviews online – that’s horrible. If you have 2 bad reviews and 20 good reviews – it’s not bad at all.

  • Keep in mind that all these positive reviews must be authentic and come from your customers. You cannot simply write up fake reviews; it is unethical, it is against many websites’ policies and it simply is misleading. Sites such as Yelp, Google and TripAdvisor are constantly working on new “fake comments” detection tools and you do not want to be caught by them. This could destroy your business in a blink of an eye.

Here are some Google reviews for one of Montreal’s nightclubs where most 5 star reviews are obviously fake and written by some company that the club hired:

Montreal Fake Club Reviews

Do not do that to your business. can create strategies that perfectly suit your business in order to create and manage an authentic 5-star reputation. Our reputation depends on your satisfaction.

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