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How Amy Destroyed Her Reputation and Ruined Her Business

This story has been called “Epic Meltdown” and it went viral. When Amy and Samy from Amy’s Baking Company (ABC) decided to promote their business by participating in the world famous Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares” they didn’t realize they would do a lot more harm than good.

In the first minute of the show Amy says:

“Two years ago these reviewers and these bloggers decided to make up lies and say that they ate the food and it was disgusting. We lost tremendous amount of business because of it…”

She does realize that online reviews are crucial to the business and can ruin a business; however her lack of knowledge and understanding of how reputation management works leads her to even bigger problems when she decides to publicly insult those reviewers on site like Yelp.



As the show goes on, Amy and Samy seem to completely ignore their customers, their staff and even chef Ramsay. A lot of crazy shenanigans go on for 40 minutes of the show and eventually leads to Reddit and Yelp exploding with horrible comments and bad reviews.

A few days go by and ABC’s  Facebook page offers a lot of “interesting” statuses targeted to all of those “haters” who wrote negative online comments about Amy’s Baking Company. Although these statuses were quickly deleted, there are hundreds of screenshots shared all over the internet:




I would be surprised if the restaurant doesn’t shut its door by the end of the month of May.

This must be the biggest failure not only in online reputation management but in simply running a business.

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Here is the full episode of Ramsay’s show in question:



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