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Hotel Quebec Sues TripAdvisor Reviewer for $95,000

We often hear stories of businesses trying to sue online reviewers in the United States of America, however this story hits close to home. Unfortunately many business owners don’t fully understand the power and influence of social media, some even fully ignore their online presence until something bad happens.

In April 2013, Laurent Azoulay from Montreal booked a 2 nights stay at the Hotel Quebec in Quebec City. In the middle of the night the guest was woken up by, as he claims, bed bugs. He got a few of those bugs in a glass and brought it down to the reception to complain and request another room which hotel couldn’t provide since it was fully booked. The management offered to move Mr. Azoulay to another hotel nearby but the offer was denied by the guest since he didn’t want to wake up his young son who was resting before a hockey tournament.

Later on, after the hockey tournament, Azoulay got moved to another room and the general manager offered a 40$ rebate for the first night stay which Azoulay found rather insulting.  When Laurent Azoulay returned to Montreal he posted a review of the hotel on TripAdvisor.

The hotel has requested the removal of the review claiming this was a one-off incident but Azoulay refused. The hotel’s general manager, Jacques Robitaille filed a lawsuit against the reviewer for loss of profit worth $95,000.

The review is still live on TripAdvisor (Aug. 26th. 2013)


Source: Huffington Post

The story has been posted on Huffington Post, The Gazette and many other news outlets. “Bad publicity is still publicity”, or is it? Almost one thousand TripAdvisor users confirmed this review was helpful to them. The hotel is suing the guest for $95,000 (knowing the delays in Quebec’s judicial system, years could pass before the hearing). Let’s not speculate on the outcome of the hearing but I would imagine the hotel wouldn’t win this one.

This dramatic story which caused a lot of buzz and thousands of dollars of losses to the hotel could have been a simple, small, forgotten incident.

Simple apology from the management, a promise that the problem is in-fact a one-off incident that will be taken care of immediately and a full refund would have probably left the customer satisfied. It’s as simple as that.

However, if the guest still posted a bad review online – a reputation management firm, such as would have taken care of it in a timely manner by making arrangements with the reviewer and making sure the review doesn’t stay on the first page – where most online traffic comes.

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