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Why Your Dealership Needs Reputation Management Today

Reputation Management for Montreal Dealerships

“I have never been treated with such disrespect in my life!” “Worst Service, Worst Dealer I have ever been to. Do yourself a favor, avoid a headache and go to another Dealer. “Wished they had a 0 rating, I should’ve reviewed the comments before setting foot in this dealership. Customer service here is horrible.”

Montreal Car Dealership Reputation
Comments You Do Not Want To See

These are actual reviews from local Montreal car dealerships. These comments are on the very first page of Google for everyone to see. Would you do business with a company with such comments? I know I wouldn’t.

National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) claims that 91% of car buyers consult online reviews of the dealership and the car they want to purchase. 57% of buyers say they will NOT buy a car from a dealership that has bad reviews. What do these numbers means to your dealership?

A medium-sized car dealership that sells an average of 75 cars per month spends about $30,000 on marketing and advertising. Unfortunately the marketing become ineffective if you have a less than a 4-star rating on sites like Google Local. Following NADA’s statistics, when you reach 1,000 potential buyers, 900 of them will look you up online and almost 500 of them will go to a different dealership simply because you have bad reviews (or no reviews at all). The worst part is, all these people didn’t simply want to buy a car, they actually wanted to buy a car from you, until they saw the reviews from other customers.

The online reputation has now become such an important aspect of your marketing strategy that it could make or break your business. In order to compete with other dealerships you must have a great online reputation. It’s important to notice that businesses with “NO Reviews” are as mistrusted as businesses with bad reviews.

GM Dealers Obliged to Have ORM Services

General Motors USA has obliged all its dealerships to hire a reputation management firm. These online reputation management (ORM) companies sign ongoing monthly contracts with dealerships and manage the dealer’s reputation. GM has made a great decision by putting it’s marketing into Reputation Management.

Unfortunately there was one big mistake as well and dealerships are really unhappy. GM’s recommended companies are simple marketing agencies that “created an ORM plan” specifically for GM. General Motors should have recommended the companies that are specialized in online reputation management.

General Motors was first but many others are to follow. It is expected that in next 3 years most dealership will have to hire an online reputation management expert to help them out.

Your company has the chance to get ahead of all its competitors by starting an online reputation management strategy today.  Don’t wait for a call from the manufacturer that will force you to hire an ORM firm, by then most of your competitors will already have a system in place.

Montreal Reputation Management (MRM) specializes in reputation management as well as reputation marketing. MRM will help you create a 5-star reputation online and make sure your clients are satisfied. Then our experts will market your amazing reputation through social media marketing and internet marketing which will create more engagement from your clients and will cause an increase in sales.

You can reach us at 514.660.6050 for a free, no strings attached consultation.


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